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AnthroArtistsUnite Submitting and Group Rules

Submission Rules:

Please read everything you see below before submitting any art into the gallery, or your artwork will be declined!

Please do not submit the following:

🐾 Humans with ears and tails (ex: Nekos and Kemonomimi)

🐾 Overly humanized anthros (ex: Anime Style)

🐾 Feral art (aka non-anthro)

🐾 Non-animal type stuff (ex: Machines, Robots, Androids, Cyborgs, Plants, Ect)

🐾 Overly Sexually or fetish content - anatomically correct anthro art is however acceptable.

🐾 Literature and Comics

🐾 Fan based OCs or Famous characters (ex: Disney, Pokemon, MLP, Sonic, ect.)

🐾 Cosplay based artwork (ex. character drawn in Kingdom hearts apparel, holding the keyblade sword)

🐾 Dark or blurry photos, unfinished or incomplete images, messy sketches or WIPs

🐾 Human and anthro pairings

🐾 Adoptables, YCH auctions, P2U bases, Commission IDs

🐾 Colored bases

🐾 Headshots

Submission Limit:
Members are allowed to submit 1 deviation per week in all folders expect the reference sheet and mature art folder where members are only allowed 2 deviations per month.

Quality control:

We look for a certain level of quality when it comes to the submissions we allow within the group, so your art may not be accepted. Please don’t feel bad if your submissions get declined - This is just a way to keep the gallery enjoyable for everyone.

If your submission is declined, and you would like to understand why, then please read through this journal as it explains what is acceptable and what is not: anthroartistsunite.deviantart.… if you are still confused, then please feel free to note the group.

Standard Group Rules:

Theft is by no means tolerated in this group, and will result in an instant removal and being banned from the group.

Please do not spam the front page with advertisement regarding commissions, contest, raffles, ect- These comments will be hidden or flagged as spam.

Please submit your art in correct folders; If you are unsure which folder your submission belongs in, please feel free to ask.

Please direct all questions, problems or concerns you may have through notes.

We here at AnthroArtistsUnite do not tolerate the disrespect of any group admin or group members. If we receive any notifications/complaints from other group members and if you are identified as a member of this group then you will be removed and blocked from this group permanently. So please be respectful.

-Thank you for reading!


Gallery Folders

GreenHouse World O Ka Fee by RubisFirenos
Waiting by Kuroi-kisin
Sprout by Kuroi-kisin
Defy and Thrive by WolfSkullJack
Smile by cybercortex
green thumb by DidTheSqd
Konrad's performance by OstinLein
You are fluffly! o3o by Amand4
Anthro crafts
Tiger's lazy days by rivalmit
Comission female werewolf by WolfberryCrafts
spring wolf (figurine) by CadaverCrafts
Original The Tracker Werewolf Sculpture by starwolf303
Female Anthros
Commission for poojawa by Kay-Ra
I got issues, but you got em too. by AtomicMilkshake
[PATREON] Flop-Eared Witch by AshHavynn
[C] Plumper Shark by AshHavynn
Nubian Ibex by LilleahWest
Samurai or Super Kawaii by FotoFurNL
Gamble II by TheKareliaFursuits
Jester Turnaround by The-Demon-Ferret
Genderless Anthros
cherry blossoms by Schiraki
Souls of the past by FlashW
[ironartist] Asajj by Fulualea
That's My Dinner by Chrysisi
Male Anthros
02 23 - Glitter and Gold by ParanoidGhost
Teeth 'n claws by 0ktavian
The Keeper by WolfHearts
Moon Flowers by KFCemployee
Mature Art

Mature Content

Coffin by Hantari

Mature Content

warm room by Mazakdupa
[P] Locked Inside My Head by AshHavynn

Mature Content

YCH: Pinup Mmm Cake Frosting by thesilvermist
Iron Artist Sketch 040-041 by AshHavynn
Always in my heart by FlashW
Sacred Stones by SilentRavyn
Pinned by kenket
Reference Sheets
Anthro OC Ref: Slushy by SlushyGuts
Kalypso by Sidonie
Eliza by Memyou
Jackson Reference Sheet (UPDATED) by MaskedFennecFox
Day2-Centaurdile by LockStockCreation
Equus Hand Anatomy Study by RussellTuller
Vent Art
Missing you by Darkwolfhellhound
01 Introduction by Wolfattwilight

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It seems its becoming a increasing problem where people are joining the group or submitting art to the group are failing to read through and understand the group rules. So I ask you to  please, if you are joining this or any other group, to take the time to read through the group rules before you begin to submit to that group. Its frustrating to continuously have to decline art due to members who fail to read and follow the rules.

1. Did not follow the group theme:

The theme of this group is anthropomorphic art, crafts, fursuits, ect.

:bulletgreen: Examples of what is Acceptable: :bulletgreen:
- Realistic anthro or were animals
- Realistic anthro animals with some odd colorations/unnatural colors
- Taurs
- Fursuits and other anthro based crafts
- Fantasy creatures or animals

:bulletred: Examples of what is NOT Acceptable::bulletred:
-Non-anthro art
-Robots, Cyborgs, Plants, Machines, ect
- Nekos or Kemonomimi
-Anime styled anthros or anthros that look more humanized in the face.

2. Fan Art or Fan based characters:

We do NOT accept fan based ocs or characters or art styles taken from video games, shows, movies, books, etc.

Robin Hood
Pokemon or Pokemon OCs
Digimon or Digimon OCs
My Little Pony or Pony OCs
Sonic or Sonic OCs

3. Submission was submitted to the incorrect folder:

This is pretty self explanatory, and a reason is usually given when you do submit to the incorrect folder.

4.Did not meet groups standards:

Remember we are a semi submission strict group, so if you are looks as if you put little to no effort into it then it will be declined. Sorry.

I hope this helps to clear up some things when it comes to your artwork being declined. Thanks for reading!
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