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AnthroArtistsUnite Submitting and Group Rules

Submission Rules:

Please read everything you see below before submitting any art into the gallery, or your artwork will be declined!

Please do not submit the following:

🐾 Humans with ears and tails (ex: Nekos and Kemonomimi)

🐾 Overly humanized anthros (ex: Anime Style)

🐾 Feral art (aka non-anthro)

🐾 Non-animal type stuff (ex: Machines, Robots, Androids, Cyborgs, Plants, Ect)

🐾 Overly Sexually or fetish content - anatomically correct anthro art is however acceptable.

🐾 Literature and Comics

🐾 Headshots

🐾 Fan based OCs or Famous characters (ex: Disney, Pokemon, MLP, Sonic, ect.)

🐾 Cosplay based artwork (ex. character drawn in Kingdom hearts apparel, holding the keyblade sword)

🐾 Dark or blurry photos, unfinished or incomplete images, messy sketches or WIPs

🐾 Human and anthro pairings

🐾 Adoptables, YCH auctions, P2U bases, Commission IDs

🐾 If you didn't draw it please don't submit it (i.e Colored bases, art other artists did for your such as a commission, ect - Only acceptation is reference sheets).

Submission Limit:
Members are allowed to submit 1 deviation per week in all folders expect the reference sheet and mature art folder where members are only allowed 2 deviations per month.

Quality control:

We look for a certain level of quality when it comes to the submissions we allow within the group, so your art may not be accepted. Please don’t feel bad if your submissions get declined - This is just a way to keep the gallery enjoyable for everyone.

If your submission is declined, and you would like to understand why, then please take the time to read over this journal as it goes over the "what is" and "what isn't" acceptable within this group: anthroartistsunite.deviantart.…

Standard Group Rules:

Theft is by no means tolerated in this group, and will result in an instant removal and being banned from the group.

Please do not spam the front page with advertisement regarding commissions, contest, raffles, ect- These comments will be hidden or flagged as spam.

Please submit your art in correct folders; If you are unsure which folder your submission belongs in, please feel free to ask.

Please direct all questions, problems or concerns you may have through notes.

We here at AnthroArtistsUnite do not tolerate the disrespect of any group admin or group members. If we receive any notifications/complaints from other group members and if you are identified as a member of this group then you will be removed and blocked from this group permanently. So please be respectful.

-Thank you for reading!


Gallery Folders

In The Mountains  by A-shanti
Native by Tsebresos
I've seen it all V3 by Maquenda
Nazar by CanisAlbus
bye bye! by cute-Ieopard
YCH: Menida by Sad-Duel
[AT][Animation] Blazy by cybercortex
MoonDeer by Sad-Duel
Anthro crafts
Tracker Werewolf PRICE DROP by starwolf303
Jader Sculpture [MUSIC + SCULPT COLLAB] by Tsebresos
Come closer, if you dare by rivalmit
Wish for freedom by rivalmit
Female Anthros
May those bones be our bed by Rowettes
[C] Koko by Praquina
New ID by Sinasni
Missi's Kinotchi Frame bikini by JUSTinnator4
Desert Wolf - FOR SALE by LilleahWest
Boof! by BNCreation
Rocyo! by BNCreation
Kell Bodysuit by FuzzButtFursuits
Genderless Anthros
NOEN by LemiaDoodleheart
Khelaner by DolphyDolphiana
{Porcelain Doll} Teahouse by Redivivo
[c] In The Clouds by Jackalloops
Male Anthros
Casual Ram by TasDraws
soft boye [AT] by elisebriar
Wizard by DragonJourney
Com:: Ash by AtomicMilkshake
Mature Art

Mature Content

C/T: Bessu Babe by Pocketstash
Raffle #2 Winner!! Nude version (onigucci)  by DemonFox1997

Mature Content

Countryside by Zuffs

Mature Content

CM: Skie in the beach by Drerika
Journey together by Fivercat
The Cool Kids by ScarlettWolf24
Dogs Brass Band by moryonenn
Heartbeat by Kingdomwolf13
Reference Sheets
kitsune design by xXLostPaintingsOx
Great Pied Hornbill Design by Aki-rain
Kvinde Oksdottir ref. 2017 [Fursona] by KvindeHrafn
Jackson the young thug by Nem-Opouley
Jump! by Pastel-Core
Digitigrade Legs Reference by Cacuu
Vent Art
Bird of prey by Sinasni
Werewolves Vs. Fascism by Viergacht

Random from Featured

Voodoomagic by darknatasha Voodoomagic :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 2,054 67 Fire Breather by kyoht Fire Breather :iconkyoht:kyoht 433 16 Alphus Shaman by SilentRavyn Alphus Shaman :iconsilentravyn:SilentRavyn 468 21 Dreamtime by darknatasha Dreamtime :icondarknatasha:darknatasha 1,127 49 Dream Weaving by audreyfry Dream Weaving :iconaudreyfry:audreyfry 201 22 Cleansing by screwbald Cleansing :iconscrewbald:screwbald 1,345 80 Grym by Goldenwolf Grym :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 890 31 The Autumn Sea by KatieHofgard The Autumn Sea :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 2,355 0 Beachfront Cuddle by frisket17 Beachfront Cuddle :iconfrisket17:frisket17 832 58 Rhythm of the Heat by KatieHofgard Rhythm of the Heat :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 2,600 0 Lonely Perch by Sidonie Lonely Perch :iconsidonie:Sidonie 1,421 192 The Golden Cup by theOlven The Golden Cup :icontheolven:theOlven 39 4 Teh Rage by Goldenwolf Teh Rage :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 907 79 Commission for poojawa by Kay-Ra Commission for poojawa :iconkay-ra:Kay-Ra 1,285 83 Nerversis: Fullmoonstar by InkyDemon Nerversis: Fullmoonstar :iconinkydemon:InkyDemon 2,439 104 A Shared Perch by KatieHofgard A Shared Perch :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 5,759 0
Collection of some of our favorite art!


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First I want to welcome you all to AnthroArtistsUnite your one stop group for anything and everything anthro/furry, related!!

Now for the not so fun stuff, the whole "what's allowed" "what isn't" type deal - So IF your submission has been declined, its possibly the list below is why so please make sure you take time to review over the rules and even the list below so you have a heads up before submitting! Plus it helps me a ton. Haha.

1. Did not follow the group theme:

The theme of this group is anthropomorphic art, crafts, fursuits, ect.

:bulletgreen: Examples of what is Acceptable: :bulletgreen:
- Realistic anthro or were animals
- Realistic anthro animals with some odd colorations/unnatural colors
- Taurs
- Fursuits and other anthro based crafts
- Fantasy creatures or animals

:bulletred: Examples of what is NOT Acceptable::bulletred:
-Non-anthro art
-Robots, Cyborgs, Plants, Machines, ect
- Nekos or Kemonomimi
-Anime styled anthros or anthros that look more humanized in the face.

2. Fan Art or Fan based characters:

We do NOT accept fan based ocs or characters or art styles taken from video games, shows, movies, books, etc.

Robin Hood
Pokemon or Pokemon OCs
Digimon or Digimon OCs
My Little Pony or Pony OCs
Sonic or Sonic OCs

3. Submission was submitted to the incorrect folder:

This is pretty self explanatory, and a reason is usually given when you do submit to the incorrect folder.

4.Did not meet groups standards:

While we are a submission restrict group, we encourage everyone to submit their art whether its been declined or not! If your art has been declined, please don't feel discouraged, this just means that submission may not have passed the quality check but that doesn't mean any future art from you will! ^^

Hope that helps to understand the reasoning behind submissions being declined!

On another note, we have new group icon made by the awesome MoonPhanter and our Aardwolf mascot? I think its a mascot of some sort. haha. Anyways, a big shout out to them for the amazing group icon! You should go give them a watch. ^^
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